Wood Chipping

Wood Chipping Services - Southwest FL

Once you remove branches from your tree after a good pruning, you’ll need to get rid of all the material to avoid yard waste. Most tree removal companies own wood chippers to ensure a practical and environmentally conscious way to remove or recycle tree waste.

As the name suggests, wood chipping is the act of breaking down larger limbs or branches of trees to easily remove them from the property or to use them as a soil fertilizer.

Do you need effective wood chipping services? Then Mathew’s Tree Service is the landscaping company to call. We’re a family-owned and operated tree removal and landscaping company serving residential and commercial clients. Our goal is to ensure you have a beautiful and healthy landscape in your home or business.

Serving Southwest Florida, we provide our wood chipping services to businesses and individuals in Englewood, Venice, Rotonda, North Port, Port Charlotte, and Punta Gorda.

What is wood chipping?

Breaking down large pieces of wood into smaller pieces is called wood chipping. This process is achieved thanks to a portable machine called a chipper. With this process, we’re able to recycle the wood from trees and branches instead of creating a large amount of waste. 

Most of the time, property owners don’t think about the amount of waste they generate in landscaping projects and wood chipping is a great way to take advantage of the organic material to create premium organic mulch for your garden. Mulch has several benefits for your garden such as reducing weed growth, conserving the soil’s moisture and health, and providing important nutrients to the soil while avoiding compaction. 


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If you have yard waste in your property that needs to be removed after tree removal or tree pruning, allow Mathew’s Tree Service to help you recycle the wood into something more useful. We’ll efficiently break down the wood to remove it or recycle it on your commercial or residential garden.

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