Got Tree Problems? Why is Sometimes Tree Removal Necessary?


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Why is Tree Removal Necessary Sometimes?

Sometimes, you’re so used to having a tree in your yard that it’s hard to imagine it without it. Not only are trees beautiful, but they also provide us with shade and attract wildlife. However, an old and dying tree can do more harm than good. As soon as you notice a dead or decaying tree, it would be best if you got it professionally removed. While it’s certainly a hard choice to remove a tree, you must look at the bigger picture. Think about how the tree can actually cause a threat to your property, and it’s best to act fast.

At Mathew’s Tree Services, our number one goal is to protect, improve, and secure your property. For years, we’ve helped homeowners and business owners take care of their landscapes by implementing quality techniques and equipment. Are you asking yourself: when is tree removal necessary? We’ve compiled the most common reasons below.

Declining Health

Whether it’s due to pests or disease, when you don’t catch it on time to treat it, your best choice is tree removal. Pests and diseases can spread to healthy trees, and decayed trees look unsightly. A dead tree can be dangerous for everyone on your property. A branch could fall and cause severe damage. Address this problem soon, and contact certified professionals. 

Structure Issues

Sometimes, trees are just poorly placed. When you plant a tree, it starts tiny, so you don’t really consider its growth and how it’ll evolve in your property. You might notice its branches getting too close to power lines, which can be quite risky during a storm. Another problem could be the number of leaves that fall from the tree, and if they interfere with your gutters and roof drainage, this could mean structural issues for your property in the long run. Roots can also grow too deep and interfere with water and sewer lines.


It’s in the Way

Adding or expanding extra living space is exciting for homeowners. Whether you’re thinking about adding a pool, a patio, or any home addition, you need to make sure there are no trees in the way. Before you get started with your construction project, get the interfering tree out of the way.

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