Tree Service in Venice FL

A maintained landscape will increase the value and curb appeal of your home or business. Even though beautiful flowers and a lush green lawn are essential, no garden is complete without trees. Trees not only liven up your garden but also provide shade. For this reason, it’s necessary to pay special attention to tree care. Your trees deserve to be cared for by qualified experts to make sure your trees are in top condition. 

Mathews Tree Service is here for you to offer a reliable and consistent landscaping and tree service in Venice FL, to our commercial and residential clients. Our expert landscapers provide top-notch tree services and landscaping, ensuring your property looks and feels its best. Those property owners looking to enhance their property’s appearance, increase its resale value, or have manicured trees and shrubs, give us a call! 

Tree Services

Did you know that pruning and trimming your trees is essential to keep them healthy? While you might think that tree care is purely aesthetic, it’s actually needed to keep everyone in your property safe. Sick or dead branches can fall off any time, posing a threat to those who are nearby or to the property’s integrity. Imagine what would happen if a branch falls into your power lines. Avoid these situations and get proper tree maintenance. 

Grapple Hauling

A grapple truck service will make the next major home renovation or landscaping project go more smoothly. Our grapple hauling systems are ideal for those that need garbage carried away or a job site cleared. Grapple trucks have a loader mounted to the frame with a grapple, making them suitable for removing heavy items and debris, causing a nuisance on your property. We will quickly clear dead trees, yard waste, and building debris at a low cost through our grapple truck service.

tree removal company

Stump Removal

When you cut down a tree, the stump is all that is left. Stumps can rot and attract insects, besides being an eyesore in your landscape. You’ll need to hire a specialist stump removal service to restore the area where the tree once stood. The stump needs to be removed with specialized tools, so this is not something we recommend you do on your own.

Lot Clearing

Lot clearing is perfect for those who wish to begin a construction project or just want their land to look cleaner. This service involves removing plants, shrubs, branches, and stumps, but it’s not as easy as cutting down everything you can reach. Professionals are aware of your property’s unique requirements and know how to clear your land or lot with the least amount of damage.


Hard work and dedication are needed to create a beautiful landscape. The landscape is critical for your property’s appearance and value, whether it’s for your home or your company. A well-kept landscape often improves our quality of life by allowing us to spend time outside in the fresh air, surrounded by nature.

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