How to Choose the best Tree Service Company in Charlotte County, Florida.

tree removal company

tree removal company

So, you’re wanting to hire a professional tree service company to do some yardwork, but you don’t know who to call. Tree trimming and tree removal can be a very dangerous task and it’s best we leave it up to experts. But, how do you chose a company if you’ve never hired a tree service before and don’t know anyone personally that can give you a referral? In this article, I clue you in on some important factors when choosing the right tree service.

Make sure the company is legit. Does the tree service you are hiring have a license and are they insured? Just about anyone can buy a chainsaw and slap an ad in the newspaper calling themselves a tree service, and hey! It’s a good idea to make some side money… But tree trimming and tree removal can be very dangerous and requires trained, skilled professionals with proper safety gear, equipment, a license and insurance.

tree removal company
  • Business License– You cannot get business insurance without a valid business license. Simply ask the tree service company for a copy of their business license. Make sure that the business license has been renewed for the current year.
  • Business Insurance– Some tree removal companies will try to tell you they are insured when they in fact are not. Make sure the tree service companies you are considering have current liability insurance and tell them you’d like to see a copy of it. If you a hire a tree service company that does not carry insurance and heaven forbid there was an accident that caused damage or any injuries… The property damage would not be covered and you as the homeowner could be sued for anyone injured on your property
tree removal company

Look for safety gear. The companies grounds men should at the very least be wearing a helmet, safety glasses, earbuds and boots. An experienced climber should have the latest in safety and climber gear including the proper saddle, helmet, safety glasses, boots and arborist climbing ropes. Experienced tree removal companies never use ladders and always use safety and rigging gear specifically made for tree work. Lowering heavy pieces of wood causes a lot of friction on the ropes and pulleys. Specially designed gear keeps the workers and your home safe, while keeping the job running smoothly.

Get the estimate in writing. In order to protect yourself make sure the estimate is in writing. Do not just take someone’s word for it. A legitimate tree service company will always put their offer in a professional written manner, no questions asked.

Compare tree service companies. Make sure when you’re getting estimates, the details match up. One company may be giving you a better price, but their estimate doesn’t include hauling of the debris. If the tree removal company meets all the criteria listed above, make sure the work they will be performing is clearly understood. Will they be hauling the brush, chipping or leaving it road side? What about the larger pieces? Are they cutting out just the dead or shaping the entire tree? Will stump grinding be included or a separate fee? Will all the leaves and twigs be cleaned up upon completion or will the job be left looking like a no named Hurricane all of a sudden came threw? Make a list and ask a lot of questions. Make sure that your expectations are understood from the beginning and remember to get everything in writing.

Be patient. Pricing can vary with each tree service company you receive estimates from. Some tree removal companies are better equipped than others for certain types of jobs. Sometimes a company is busy, sometimes they are slow. There are many factors that can affect the price of an estimate with each individual job. Be patient, shop around and negotiate. Remember, tree trimming is not a commodity where only price matters. Tree removal is risky and there is a dollar value worth paying to know it is being done by a skilled, well equipped, licensed and insured tree service company.

tree removal company

Check the Better Business Bureau. Companies that belong to the BBB have always been held in higher regard. The BBB will keep track of any complaints against a company and hold them responsible for rectifying the situation. When choosing a tree service company it is important to do your research on them. Check their website, check their Google and Facebook reviews. Ask the company for references and call!

Consider the risks carefully before choosing a tree service. Hire trained, certified and insured professionals to do the work. It is far more difficult and dangerous work than most people realize. Google search “tree trimming accidents” and you’ll see what could go wrong. Tree removal can be done safely, efficiently, and at a really good price if done by experienced, well equipped tree service professionals. Let your brother in law help with the new dry wall in the garage, but don’t risk an injury trying to save a few bucks by doing your tree work by yourself.


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