Dependable Tree Service in Englewood, FL

A well-kept and attractive landscape will boost your property’s value and curb appeal. Having beautiful flowers and a green lawn is essential, but no garden is truly complete without the presence of trees. Trees not only look beautiful, but they also add shade. Since trees add so much life to our landscape, it’s only natural that we take good care of them. Your trees must be cared for by qualified experts to ensure they get the attention they require to thrive. 

At Mathews Tree Service, our primary goal is to provide our clients with a dependable landscaping and tree service in Englewood, FL. Our professional landscapers offer the finest quality tree removal and maintenance services. Since our beginnings, our goal is to provide the highest quality tree services. If you want to enhance your property’s appearance, increase your home’s resale value, or have your trees and shrubs trimmed, we will assist! At the end of the day, we want you to be delighted with the final result of your landscaping project.

Stump Removal and Grinding

The stump is what remains after tree removal. To reclaim the space where the tree was, to plant something else, for example, you must get a professional stump removal service. Unfortunately, removing a tree stump isn’t an easy DIY project you can take on. Specialized equipment is required to remove the stump. The procedure of breaking down a stump into tiny fragments to repurpose it is known as stump grinding. The stump can be used to make mulch. Mulch is high in nutrients and is used to make your lawn healthier.

Tree Trimming

Tree trimming ensures that trees, shrubs, and hedges grow correctly and healthily. Overgrown branches obstruct the plant’s ability to absorb sunshine and moisture, limiting its growth. Trimming trees is often done for aesthetic reasons. A neatly trimmed shrub not only looks nice but also shows how much you care about your home. Trimming is recommended twice a year, depending on the plant. 


Tree Pruning

Infected or dead branches that prevent your tree or shrub from growing and flourishing are pruned. Pruning is also used to achieve a specific shape. Regular pruning reduces the risk of falling branches while also giving your landscape an attractive, manicured appearance. Tree pruning is typically done once a year, although this can vary considerably depending on the tree species.

Tree Removal

It may be appropriate to remove a tree from your property if it poses a threat to your house or business’s structural integrity. Roots will grow so deep that they wreak havoc on the foundation, plumbing, and electrical lines. Alternatively, the tree might be dead and fall. While removing a tree is not easy, it is critical to have the necessary expertise, ability, and equipment.

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